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How to wear threader earrings: looks and inspiration

Image credit: TJ on Depop

Ear piercing is nothing new – in fact, it is one of the oldest forms of body modification, dating back to at least 2,000 BCE. In recent years there has been a huge surge in popularity for piercing ears in places other than the lobe; and for different styles of earring. Earrings are no longer simply studs, drops and hoops in lobes – we now have so much to chose from, and the fun is in creating awesome and unique combinations.

Threader earrings (or pull through earrings as they are sometimes called) have seen a huge growth in popularity in recent years. It’s why we started a shop dedicated almost entirely to this one type of earring! Whether you simply have a lobe earring and want to wear something a bit different and eye-catching, or you’re building your own look with multiple earrings, threaders really stand out. They can look beautiful and elegant for a night out on the town, or edgy and interesting – depending on the style you choose and how you wear them.

Gold plated sterling silver threader earrings

Image credit: TJ on Depop

If you’ve never worn threader earrings before, you might feel a bit apprehensive as to how they will feel. After all, pulling a bit of chain through your ear sounds painful! In fact, the chain is so fine, they don’t hurt at all. To insert them, you take the metal post attached at the bottom, push this through the hole and very gently pull them through until they are in the right position. To take them out, you gently pull on the front of the earring. As long as your ears aren’t already irritated or infected, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort at all!

If you’re wondering how to style your new threader earrings, they are usually worn in the lobe or upper lobe. Longer threader earrings are great if you have a double lobe piercing as they can be threaded through both loops, creating a really unique look.

Threader earrings - multiple piercings
Threader earrings - multiple piercings

Left: Threaders worn in the lower lobe with a hoop in the upper lobe. Right: Threaders looped through both lower and upper lobes. Image credit:

Looped threader earrings

Threaders looped through the lower and upper lobes. Image credit: Instagram

Some threader earrings have a decoration at the front which you can pull tight to your ear. Here’s an example of this style:

Heart pull through threader earrings

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This creates another really interesting look with the really long threader hanging behind the ear. This type of threader can also be looped if you have a double piercing:

Threader double piercing looped through with moon stud

Image credit:

Alternatively, for those with a double piercing, you can wear two pairs of threaders in the upper and lower lobe:

Double threader earrings

Two pairs of threader earrings worn together. Image credit:

With a triple piercing and a long enough threader, you can thread the earring in a spiral through all three holes:

Triple piercing threader

Image credit:

As you will see, there are lots of different ways to wear threader earrings and there really is no right or wrong way – so get creative and mix them up with your other earrings to create the perfect ear stack!

Threader earrings are super comfortable to wear and sleep in. In fact, because they don’t have any posts or backs, they can be far more comfortable to wear than other types of earring.

Like any earring, it’s important to keep them clean and sterile using rubbing alcohol or a specialised solution. Piercings do tend to attract bacteria (you may notice a slight unpleasant smell and build up of bacteria if you remove any earrings you’ve been wearing a while).

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