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Y necklaces

Browse our sparkling range for a stunning Y necklace in 925 Sterling Silver. We have a beautiful collection ranging from simple Y necklaces with bars, to stunning Cubic Zirconia encrusted Y necklaces with lengthy drops. Whether you’re looking for a piece to wear in the day or want something to set off a plunging neckline, we have a gorgeous selection to choose from.

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Y necklaces have never been so popular. Bejeweled mag explains:

Sinuous and sexy, Y-necklaces returns to the jewellery scene in a variety of moods and themes, from floral feminine motifs to the  streamlined simplicity of a single pave bar dipping down to emphasize the décolletage.

Indeed, there’s no denying that the Y necklace is the ultimate piece for a plunging neckline. But Y necklaces aren’t just for evening wear. They also  looser tops – a boat neck for example – in the day time, so the necklace hangs low over the top. They can be elegant, long and lean, bold and daring or flirty, fun and feminine, depending on the look you want to achieve. Check out these stunning examples tracked down by Cynthia Sliwa across a range of publications!

The Y necklace has its roots in lavaliere necklaces, a popular style of necklace in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly during the Edwardian and Belle Époque periods. The lavaliere necklace was named after the Duchesse de La Vallière, who was a mistress of King Louis XIV of France and was known for wearing similar types of necklaces.

The lavaliere necklace was typically characterized by a pendant suspended from a central point, often a pearl or a diamond, and attached to two chains that met in the middle. The pendant could be a single stone or a more elaborate design, and the chains were often decorated with additional gemstones or pearls.

The lavaliere necklace was popular among women of the upper classes, who wore them as a symbol of their wealth and social status. They were often worn with high-necked dresses or blouses, with the pendant hanging just below the collarbone.

The Y-necklace, which is a more modern take on the lavaliere style, was inspired by this earlier style of necklace. The Y-necklace features a pendant that hangs from a central point, but instead of two chains that meet in the middle, it has a single chain that splits into two, creating a Y shape.

The Y-necklace became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and has continued to be a popular style of necklace ever since. Like the lavaliere necklace, it was often worn with high-necked dresses or blouses, with the pendant hanging just below the collarbone.