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Adjustable rings

Looking for an adjustable ring? You’ll love our collection! All in 925 Sterling Silver with very affordable prices. These beautiful rings start out at the most common US/UK size: 6 for the US and L1/2 for the UK – and they can be gently expanded to US 9 / R1/2 UK. This gives you lots of scope to place your ring on your finger of choice when designing your own unique ring stack! With so many gorgeous designs, we’re sure that you’ll love our adjustable rings just as much as we do.

Adjustable rings offer a range of benefits and reasons why people might choose them:

Convenience for gifting: Adjustable rings are a versatile option when buying a gift for someone whose ring size is unknown. This eliminates the stress of guessing or trying to discreetly find out their size. The adjustable nature allows the recipient to customize the fit and comfortably wear the ring.

Uncertainty about personal ring size: Many individuals are unsure of their exact ring size, especially if they haven’t worn rings frequently or their finger size fluctuates. An adjustable ring provides the flexibility to easily adjust the size to find the most comfortable fit without the need for professional resizing.

Versatility and finger placement: Adjustable rings allow wearers to enjoy the flexibility of moving the ring between fingers. This versatility allows for different styling options and the ability to switch up the look depending on personal preference or the occasion.

Accommodating unique finger sizes: Some individuals have finger sizes that fall outside the standard ring size range. Adjustability enables them to customize the fit, ensuring the ring comfortably sits on their finger without the need for expensive customizations.

Adapting to finger swelling: Finger sizes can fluctuate due to factors such as temperature, humidity, or certain health conditions. Adjustable rings accommodate such changes, providing a comfortable fit during times of swelling or contraction.

Big knuckles! If you don’t have this issue, it’s really a thing we promise! Sometimes people (like Jen) have slim fingers with larger knuckles. They can buy a non-adjustable ring big enough to slip over the knuckle but then it slides around on the finger. An adjustable ring is a great solution as it allows the ring to be tightened once on.

Sharing between family and friends: Adjustable rings are ideal for sharing among family or friends who have similar style preferences but different finger sizes. They can easily be adjusted to fit various individuals, promoting a sense of connection and shared enjoyment of the piece.

Future flexibility: Adjustable rings offer a long-term solution as they can adapt to changes in finger size over time. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may experience weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or other factors that can impact their ring size.

In summary, adjustable rings are a great buy – they are convenient, offering flexibility, and ability to accommodate different finger sizes. Whether for gifting, uncertain ring size, or the desire for versatility, adjustable rings provide a practical and stylish solution for individuals seeking comfortable and adaptable jewellery options. We hope you find something you absolutely love in our adjustable ring collection!