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9 ways to wear threader earrings

Threader earrings have seen a huge growth in popularity over the last year or so. This is perhaps partly due to their celeb following with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Kendall Jenner and Anna Kendrick helping to drive the trend; and partly because threader earrings are so brilliantly versatile! This style of earring works well both worn through a single piercing or looped through multiple piercings to create new and individual looks. Wear them on their own with almost any outfit or occasion; or combine them with more threaders, ear cuffs, bars and studs for your own unique ear stack!

Threader earrings come with an ear post on at least one end which you thread through your piercing then simply pull gently, so the fine chain slides through the ear. They are super-comfortable to wear as the chain is no thicker than a regular ear post, and you can even sleep in them.

Check out some ideas for how to wear threader earrings below.

With other threaders

Using two pairs of threaders

Use two pairs of threader earrings to create a unique look with different heights and decorations.


Wrapped double piercing threader earring

Thread the earring through your first piercing front-to-back, wrap it around and thread it through your next piercing front-to-back again, then gently pull the loop tight.

Wrapped loose

Wrapped double piercing threader earring but left loose

As above, thread the earring through your piercing front-t0-back, wrap around and thread it through the next piercing, but don’t pull the loop tight.

Front loop

Threader earrings pulled tight through two piercings to make a front loop

Thread the earring from the back to the front of the piercing, then thread it from the front to the back, leaving a little loop hanging at the front.


Threader earrings pulled tight to make a stich

Thread the earring from back-to-front then front-to-back as above but this time pull the earring tight so that there is no loop and the two lengths hang down at the back.

Using other piercings

Threader earrings through the helix

You don’t have to use just your lobes – for example, thread the earring through an upper lobe piercing and into your helix, leaving a gentle curve between the two.

Helix + threader

Threader earrings with double piercing and helix

You can use two pairs of threader earrings to make a great combination with the helix.

With a cuff

Threader earrings with an ear cuff

Above: Sterling Silver threader earrings with ear cuff attached

Thread the earring through from front-to-back as normal – the other end of the threader earrings has a cuff attached which sits just above the ear on the cartilage.

Solo and simple

Threader earring example

Thread the earring through the ear like you would with a normal earring. Combine with stud earrings or other earrings. See also: How to wear threader earrings: looks and inspiration.

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NB. Modelled by Jen and the earrings pictured are Jen’s own – we never resell earrings that have been worn or returned.

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