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Silver chains

Discover the perfect silver chain to complement your pendant or outfit and make a statement of elegance. We pride ourselves on offering a great selection of high-quality silver chains that are designed to impress. Crafted with utmost precision and care, our sterling silver chains are made from 925 Sterling silver, ensuring exceptional durability and a lustrous shine. Whether you prefer a delicate and dainty chain or a bold and eye-catching design, our collection boasts a variety of styles and lengths to cater to your individual taste. Each piece is meticulously crafted, with most using fine Italian craftsmanship, known for its unparalleled artistry. Choose from our affordable range and elevate your jewellery collection with a touch of timeless sophistication. Explore our collection of silver chains today and embrace the epitome of style and quality.

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Types of Chain

There are a very wide variety of different chain styles available today! You can see some of the most popular on the diagram below, and we have provided a description to help explain what features makes each type of chain.

Types of chain

Byzantine chain

The Byzantine chain is characterized by its intricate and woven design. It consists of a series of interlocking links that create a dense and textured pattern. The links are typically round or square-shaped and closely connected, resulting in a flexible and durable chain. The Byzantine chain is also known as "king's braid" or "birdcage chain."

Box chain (Venetian)

The box chain, also referred to as the Venetian chain, features square or rectangular links that are connected to form a uniform and geometric pattern. The links are typically four-sided and flat, giving the chain a sleek and elegant appearance. The box chain is known for its durability and is a popular choice for pendants. It is sometimes called a "square link chain."

Curb chain

The curb chain is recognized for its symmetrical and uniform links that lay flat when worn. Each link has a twisted, interlocking design, giving the chain a sturdy and robust look. It may also be referred to as a "flat link chain" or "cuban chain."

Rope chain

The rope chain features links that are twisted and braided together, resembling the texture of a rope. It has a distinct spiral pattern that creates a delicate and elegant appearance. The rope chain is flexible and has a nice weight to it, making it a popular choice for both pendant necklaces and standalone pieces. It is sometimes called a "spiral chain" or "twisted chain."

Mariner chain

The mariner chain draws its inspiration from nautical elements and is reminiscent of ship anchor chains. It consists of oval-shaped links with a bar across the center of each link, creating a chain that resembles an anchor chain. The mariner chain is known for its strength and durability and is often worn by those who appreciate a rugged and maritime aesthetic.

Korean chain

The Korean chain can actually take quite a number of different forms. This is a very popular group of hollow, stamped fold over chains, made in many different gauges and designs. It's sometimes also called a "popcorn chain".

Cable chain

The cable chain is a classic and versatile chain style characterized by its simple and round links. Each link is identical and connected to the next, creating a straightforward and timeless design. The cable chain is known for its durability and is commonly used for everyday necklaces. It is sometimes referred to as a "link chain".

Snake chain (Brazilian)

The snake chain is recognized for its sleek and flexible structure, which mimics the appearance of a snake's skin. It consists of closely aligned round or square plates that are connected, allowing the chain to move and bend smoothly. The snake chain has a smooth and shiny surface, making it a popular choice for pendants and delicate necklaces. It is sometimes called a "serpent chain."

Anchor chain

Inspired by the chains used in dockyards and ports to maneuver and secure sea vessels, the Anchor Chain is a bold and robust style of chain. Its design features oval-shaped links, similar to cable chains but typically thicker and more substantial. There are different variations of the Anchor Chain available, offering unique visual characteristics.

Wheat chain

The wheat chain derives its name from the resemblance of its links to stalks of wheat. It features small, twisted oval or teardrop-shaped links that are closely connected to create a continuous and fluid pattern. The links are woven together in an alternating fashion, resulting in a chain with a distinctive texture and visual appeal. The wheat chain is known for its strength and durability, making it a popular choice for both delicate and statement necklaces. It is sometimes referred to as a "spiga chain" or "wheat ear chain".

Ball chain (bead)

The ball chain, also known as the bead chain, is characterized by small spherical beads that are evenly spaced and connected. Each bead has a hole through which a connecting rod passes, creating a chain with a distinctive and repetitive pattern. The ball chain is often used for simple and minimalist jewellery designs, and it is commonly seen in necklaces for military dog tags or as pull chains for light fixtures!

Figaro chain

The Figaro chain is a popular style that features a pattern of flattened links in varying sizes and shapes. Typically, the chain consists of two or three shorter links followed by a longer oval link, creating a repeating sequence. This chain style offers a unique and eye-catching design, making it a favored choice for both men's and women's jewellery.

Giotto chain

The Giotto chain is a type of chain that features twisted oval links, giving it an intricate and textured appearance. The links are arranged in a manner that creates a spiral or helix-like pattern, resembling the shape of a DNA double helix. The Giotto chain is named after the famous Italian painter Giotto di Bondone, who often incorporated similar patterns in his artwork.

Herringbone chain

The herringbone chain is recognized for its distinctive V-shaped or zigzag pattern, which resembles the skeleton of a herring fish. It is created by joining multiple small, flat and slanted links together. The links are arranged in a way that allows the chain to drape fluidly when worn. The herringbone chain is known for its elegance and is often worn as a standalone statement piece.

Singapore chain

The Singapore chain is a delicate and alluring chain style that is perfect for wearing with pendants or as a standalone necklace. It is characterized by its twisted, disc-shaped links, which are reminiscent of a Rope chain. The links of the Singapore chain are intricately woven and have a hammered texture, allowing them to catch light at different angles. This creates a beautiful sparkling ripple effect as the chain moves. The Singapore chain's unique design gives it a graceful and elegant appearance, making it a popular choice for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Rollo chain

Introducing a timeless classic, the Rolo chain (more often called a Belcher chain) is named after Jem Belcher, a renowned Bare Knuckle Boxer and the Champion of All England from 1800 to 1805. Crafted from a D-shaped wire, this chain is meticulously formed by cutting and shaping individual round or oval links that are then interlocked together. Each link is carefully closed and soldered to create a seamless and sturdy chain. Here we're showing a variation of the chain with double links.