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We’re working hard to be a sustainable small business. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken:

Royal Mail

We use Royal Mail for all of our deliveries. This is because Royal Mail has been identified as the eco-friendliest delivery company. It has reduced carbon emissions by 29% since 2005 and recently invested in a 295-strong fleet of electric vehicles to further reduce its carbon footprint.


Our gift packets, gift boxes, string, tags, labels and invoices are all recyclable and where possible we buy recycled products such as paper and toilet roll!

All of our postage boxes are recyclable. Our larger postage boxes are also made from 70% recyclable material.

Some of our padded envelopes are recyclable. We have been gifted several boxes of padded envelopes which we believe are not (although they are certified FSC) and we are working through these, rather than wasting them. Once they are depleted, we’ll be buying recyclable!

Our cellophane bags are currently not recyclable. We are actively seeking a supplier of bags approx 65mm x 60mm (excluding the sealing flap) that are bio-degradable, e.g. true cellulose and unprinted. Please do get in touch if you can help – the size is slightly negotiable.


All of the electricity we use is renewable.

Carbon footprint

As a family business, we run everything from the home office, so we don’t commute.

We have several UK supplies and one international supplier. We have spent a great deal of time looking for alternative local suppliers but at this time, we simply cannot source what we need closer to home at the price point we offer. We are however working on this constantly and in the meantime, we’re planting trees to offset our carbon footprint. You can see our ‘forest’ here!