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Pull through earrings

Our beautiful selection of Sterling Silver Pull Through Earrings includes a range of different styles and themes including hearts, stars, flowers and triangles. Thread the ear post through your piercing then gently pull the earring through your ear, until the feature part (heart, star etc) meets your lobe.

About our Pull through earrings

Pull through earrings (sometimes called threader earrings) are lengths of chain with an ear post at one end and some other decorative element (or another ear post) at the other. While they are similar to threader earrings, pull through earrings have a slightly different design that allows them to be worn in a unique and stylish way.

As the name suggests, pull through earrings are designed to be threaded through the earlobe. They typically consist of a thin chain or wire with a small feature at one end, such as a heart, star, or diamond. The other end of the chain finishes with an ear post, allowing it to be easily inserted through the ear piercing. Once the post is through the ear piercing, the earring is then gently pulled through until the feature part meets the earlobe.

They have gained a great deal of popularity in recent times, both as standalone ear decor and as part of a more eclectic ear stack!


In the UK, pull through earrings can be purchased in various materials including 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold, Sterling Silver and costume metals. We would always recommend choosing gold or silver for this style of earring. This is because:

Hygiene: Due to the fine parts of the chain, it is especially important that you keep the earring sterile to avoid any build up of bacteria. We would recommend cleaning it with rubbing alcohol or a specialised solution regularly - ideally before each use. If you purchase costume jewellery, this will typically affect the look of the earring very quickly (and often any plating will come away).

Sensitivity: There is a slightly greater risk of irritation if you do not take the earrings in and out carefully. Again, costume jewellery can accelerate this issue as the metal already causes sensitivity for many people.

Prolonged use: Pull through earrings are far more comfortable to wear than other types of earrings for many people - especially during the night. Again, this is why gold or silver is a better choice. Prolonged wear of costume jewellery often causes skin irritation and a deterioration in the appearance of the jewellery. This problem doesn't occur with fine (gold or silver) jewellery.

How to wear

Pull through earrings can be worn in various ways. They can be inserted into a single lower-lobe piercing, or (for longer earrings) looped between the upper and lower lobe, either as a spiral or simply pulled through at the front. Two pairs can be worn in the upper and lower lobes, or (if the earring has a decorative element that can be pulled flush to the ear) one side can be worn through the helix. You can find more inspiration here.