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Discover the beauty and versatility of our sterling silver threader earrings, with extra-long designs perfect for those with double or multiple ear piercings. Embrace the freedom to express your style and create endless combinations with these beautiful designs.

About Double Piercing Earrings

Double piercing earrings allow individuals with multiple ear piercings to express their personal style and enhance their ear aesthetics. Whether you have two lobe piercings or a unique combination, double piercing earrings offer endless possibilities for creativity.

Selecting Second Piercing Earrings

Our collection includes (i) double-stud earrings - basically two stud earrings joined by a length of chain; and (ii) long threader earrings that allow you to thread or loop through more than one piercing. Note that we have plenty of other threader earrings that will easily go through two piercings with less of a dangle which we haven't included in this section. Those included here are longer in length, so they are particularly suited to looping or going through both the lobe and helix.

Note that the double heart ear posts are thin and not suitable for leaving in the helix for a long period of time. Typically helix piercings require a 16 or 14 guage for long term wear. Your lobe by contrast may be anything between 20 and 14 depending on how they were pierced (remember the guage is thicker as the number gets lower).

All of the earrings in this section are 925 Sterling Silver.

Cleaning and care

Whichever style you choose, you should clean your double piercing earrings regularly. Use a soft, clean cloth to gently wipe away any residue or dirt. Avoid exposing your earrings to harsh chemicals or perfumes where possible - this can tarnish the silver. A special silver cloth can help you remove any tarnish. Store your earrings in a clean and dry place, preferably in separate compartments or earring organizers.

Styling Tips for Double Piercing Earrings

Don't feel the need to go symmetrical with this type of earring - the great thing about multiple piercings is that you can express your own unique style! Personally I have double lobe piercings on each side but none of my other piercings match - so I have my helix and daith pierced on one side, and my conch on the other. I wear the double heart stud design across my helix and lobe sometimes - and I also do the same with the long threaders, which offer so many possibilities. I love the long crosses and often loop these between the two lobe piercings. Have a look at our blog 9 ways to wear threader earrings for some ideas.

Double piercing earrings with crosses