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Our lovely ear climber earrings are for pierced ears – they go through your ear piercing and then feature a decoration that follows the ear upwards. We have a growing selection in stock so do keep an eye on us and check back for more designs! All ear climber earrings are sold individually.

About Ear Climbers

Ear climbers are a great addition to your earring collection. If you only have a single lobe piercing, they allow you to create the appearance of a more complex or multiple piercing - without going for the real thing. If you already have multiple piercings, they offer endless opportunities to design a unique ear stack.

What are ear climbers?


Above: These Euphoria climber earrings are made by The Hambledon and cost £65 (source:

Sometimes called ear pins or ear crawlers, ear climbers feature a decorative element that sits at the front of your ear, following the curve of the ear upwards - and a curved post that sits behind the ear, holding the earring in place.

How do I put in ear climbers?

Simply thread the post of the ear climber through your piercing until it is all the way through. Then simply turn the ear climber so the front (design part) is resting on your ear.

Snake climber earrings

Above: Snake climber earrings (click here).

Will ear climbers slip down my ears?

Ear climbers once inserted should sit comfortably in place all day. The back wire should gently press against the ear, holding the earring in place. If the earring moves around, remove it from your ear and push the back wire a little closer to the front decoration, so that there is less space. The idea is that the back wire creates the grip, so if it is too loose, the ear climber may slip and fall out of position.