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What are pull through earrings?

Pull through earrings are a really unique and original style of earring. They are sometimes confused with threader earrings, but they’re not the same thing! They consist of a thin length of chain that has a post (for threading through your piercing) one end, and a decoration the other. The post threads into your piercing and you then gently pull the chain through the ear, until the decoration sits against your ear lobe. The end result looks a little like a stud at the front with a length of chain hanging down from the back.

Triangle pull through earrings
Triangle Pull-Through Threader Earrings

Pull-through earrings don’t have a rich and varied history to boast of. Essentially, they’re a more modern adaption of threader earrings. They’re a great option for people who like the look of threaders but find that the earrings sometimes fall out of their ears, perhaps due to a larger piercing hole. They’re also something a bit different and they always attract comments and compliments.

Some ear jacket earrings have the same appearance as pull through earrings, so it’s worth checking both categories when you’re shopping for styles.

Sterling silver star pull through earrings
These pull through star earrings are a slight variation – they have a twisted post on the end of the short length of chain.

Like threader earrings, the chain used is very fine, so most people can wear these comfortably with no problems (it’s often cable style chain like the examples above and below, or box style chain like the Cubic Zirconia earrings further down). In fact, many people find them to be a lot more comfortable than other types of earrings (such as studs and hoops), so much so that they leave them in at night!

Sometimes the post that threads through the ear is not straight but instead, has a twist to it, for a little extra visual interest. These are still very comfortable to insert.

Metals and materials

Oxidised flower pull through earrings
Oxidised flower pull through earrings with cable-style chains and twisted posts

Because there is a little more contact and rubbing than with a normal stud or ear wire, we’d always recommend choosing a fine metal for your pull-through earrings.

Many pull-through earrings on the market are made from Sterling silver, which consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper) – this combination is known as 925 Sterling Silver. The addition of other metals enhances the durability and strength of the silver. 925 Sterling Silver is much less likely to cause an allergic reaction than costume jewellery, making it one of the best choices for those prone to metal allergies or irritations. The ‘other metals’ in the 7.5% should never contain nickel – ours do not, but many do, so choose a reputable jeweler and you might still want to ask.

You can also buy pull-through earrings in gold – this won’t be pure gold as it would typically be too soft for everyday jewellery, including earrings, so it usually will be alloyed with copper or silver. Its purity is measured in karats, so 24 karat gold is the purest but also the softest and unsuitable for jewellery. More typically you’ll buy earrings in 9k, 14k or 18k gold.

Some typical percentages might be:

  • 9k – 37.5% gold, 42.50% silver, 20% other
  • 14k – 58.30% gold, 30% silver, 11.70% other
  • 18k – 75% gold, 15% silver, 10% other

The ‘other’ metal is very often copper.

Long silver earrings
925 Sterling Silver Dangly Threaders With Cubic Zirconia

Obviously gold is a bit more expensive than silver, due to the difference in rarity and demand. Higher karat gold is more expensive due to the higher gold content and value.

Considering all these factors, silver is likely the best choice for your pull through earrings, provided that you buy from a reputable shop so that your earrings are nickel free. It is affordability, hypoallergenic properties, and a classic aesthetic.

How to wear pull-through earrings

  1. Gently thread the post of the earring through your ear piercing.
  2. Continue pulling the earring through until the decorative front end rests comfortably on your earlobe.

Remember, if you experience any discomfort or difficulty while wearing pull-through earrings, it’s best to consult a professional jeweler or piercer for assistance.

Sterling silver pull through heart earrings with shell inlay
Sterling silver pull through heart earrings with shell inlay

Pull through earrings look great in combination with other earrings. If you have a double piercing, look for a small ear stud with a similar theme (for example, moons and stars). If you’ve only got a single lobe piercing, try adding an ear cuff to complete your look.

Caring for your pull through earrings

Pull-through earrings offer the convenience of being wearable both during the day and at night, allowing you to effortlessly showcase your style. However, due to their intricate chains or wires, it’s important to give them proper care to keep them looking their best.

Like most earrings, pull-through earrings can accumulate “Ear cheese” – a combination of bacteria, dead skin cells, oils, sweat, and product residue. Therefore, regular cleaning is crucial to maintain their hygiene and appearance. By incorporating a few simple steps into your jewellery care routine, you can keep your pull-through earrings dazzling.

To start, gather a soft jewellery cleaning cloth or opt for a jewellery bath if your earrings don’t have any attached stones. These methods effectively eliminate dirt and grime without causing any damage.

Sterling silver skull earrings
Cute little silver skulls add a macabre twist to your outfit.

If you choose to use a jewellery cleaning cloth, gently polish the chain or wire of your pull-through earrings. This will help remove any residue and restore their lustrous shine.

Alternatively, for earrings without stones, a jewellery bath can be a great option. Follow the instructions provided in our comprehensive care guide, available at [insert hyperlink to care guide]. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to ensure your pull-through earrings receive the thorough cleaning they deserve.

If you do find you have any soreness or irritation, stop wearing the earrings and clean your ears with a specialist solution such as Prontolind Spray.

By dedicating a little time to care for your pull-through earrings, you can keep them in pristine condition and free from any unwanted buildup. Remember, maintaining cleanliness not only preserves their beauty but also contributes to the overall health and comfort of your ears.

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