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Dragon necklaces

Discover our captivating collection of 925 sterling silver dragon necklaces, where the mystical meets the modern in an enchanting fusion. From delicate and intricate designs to bold and statement pieces, each necklace embodies the essence of fantasy and adds a touch of magic to your style.

About dragon necklaces & jewellery

Throughout the annals of history, dragons have held an unwavering grip on the human imagination, making their mark as powerful and revered creatures. From ancient civilizations to modern-day enthusiasts, the allure of dragons in jewellery transcends time and culture, embodying the perfect blend of mysticism and elegance.

In Viking lore, dragons were hailed as symbols of strength, courage, and protection. Norse warriors would adorn themselves with dragon-inspired jewellery, believing that it would imbue them with the ferocity and resilience of these mythical creatures on the battlefield. The intricate designs of dragon necklaces were not only ornamental but also served as a powerful talisman, harnessing the might and spirit of the dragon within.

Similarly, dragons hold a significant place in Eastern cultures, particularly in China and Japan. Here, dragons are revered as auspicious creatures, embodying the qualities of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. Dragon-themed jewellery is worn as a potent symbol of these desirable traits, with intricately crafted dragon necklaces being passed down through generations as cherished heirlooms, carrying with them the blessings of the mythical creatures they represent.

Beyond their cultural significance, dragons are infused with deep symbolism. They are often associated with the elements, especially fire, representing the passionate and transformative forces of nature. The sinuous form of dragons, with their intertwined bodies, symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and the harmonious interplay of opposing forces. Dragons embody both immense strength and profound wisdom, striking a delicate balance that has fascinated humanity for centuries.

The rise of dragons in popular culture, fueled by movies like “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”, TV series like “Game of Thrones” and even children’s movies like “How to Train Your Dragon” has only deepened the fascination with these legendary creatures. Their on-screen portrayals, whether as terrifying beasts or wise guardians, have sparked a renewed interest in dragon-inspired jewellery. Dragon necklaces have become a fashionable way to pay homage to these mythical beings, allowing individuals to embrace their love for fantasy and unleash their inner strength.

At Myth and Silver, we invite you to explore our exquisite collection of dragon necklaces, meticulously handcrafted in 925 sterling silver. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, capturing the essence of dragons in a wearable form. Whether you seek to channel the indomitable spirit of ancient dragons or simply appreciate their timeless beauty, our dragon necklaces provide a tangible connection to the mythical and the magical, allowing you to carry a piece of enchantment wherever you go.

Each of our dragons comes as a pendant only, keeping the cost low and allowing you to select a new chain from our silver chain collection only if you need one.