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Our earrings in this section include traditional ear cuffs, threader earrings with an ear cuff attached to one end, and studs with an ear cuff attached – all in 925 Sterling Silver. These are a great way to create your own highly original ear stack!

For the threaders with a cuff attached, the post threads through the back or the front of your piercing, depending on the look you want to achieve (you could also potentially loop the chain around for double piercings), then the ear cuff sits further up the ear. You don’t need a second piercing for the ear cuff as it just hugs around the ear.

About ear cuffs

What is an ear cuff?

An ear cuff is a circular piece of metal that is pushed onto the ear to give the appearance of an ear piercing - or simply for decoration! Our range includes traditional ear cuffs, together with cuffs that have threaders (a piece of chain with a bar on the end that goes through the ear) attached. Some alternatively have chain and studs attached.

How do I wear ear cuffs?

Ear cuffs can be pushed onto the edge of your ear as if they were a helix piercing, or larger ear cuffs can be pushed around the middle like an orbital (see first photo below). Once you've put on the cuff, gently squeeze it until it holds in place. If the ear cuff is quite rigid, you might want to adjust the size before sliding it onto your ear, to avoid injury.

For the ear cuffs that have threaders or studs attached, you'll then insert this into your lobe piercing.

Ear cuffs
Ear cuffs
Ear cuffs

Left to right: Oxidised (worn as orbital), butterfly, cross

Do I need pierced ears to wear ear cuffs?

No! You don't need pierced ears to wear a traditional ear cuff. Wherever you wear the cuff, it simply pushes on and you gently squeeze it to make it tight enough so as not to fall off (or, for more rigid styles, adjust the size before putting the ear cuff on). However, if you buy a cuff that has a threader or chain and stud attached, you'll need a lobe piercing.

Are your ear cuffs sold individually or as a pair?

Some of our ear cuffs are sold individually (usually the traditional ring-only cuffs) whilst others are sold as a pair (the threader designs). Please check the individual item description carefully.

What are ear cuffs made of?

Whilst generally ear cuffs can be made of lots of different metals, all of our ear cuff range is 925 Sterling Silver.