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925 Sterling Silver Guitar and Treble Clef Stud Earrings with CZ

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  • Pretty stud earrings
  • Weight 1.1 g approx
  • 925 Sterling Silver with rhodium plating for durability
  • Mismatched design
  • One treble clef, one guitar
  • Set with Cubic Zirconia
  • Sold as a pair

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Weighting approximately 1.1 grams, these 925 Sterling Silver mismatched earrings are a wonderful treat for the guitar player in your life. One earring showcases a delightful guitar design, while the other features a charming treble clef symbol. Both pieces are elegantly adorned with Cubic Zirconia, adding a touch of sparkle.

Cubic Zirconia is a high-quality synthetic gemstone that offers the brilliance and beauty of a diamond at a more affordable price point. Crafted with precision, these Cubic Zirconia stones possess exceptional clarity, colorlessness, and sparkle. They are an excellent choice for those seeking an alternative to natural diamonds, providing a stunning and radiant appearance that effortlessly catches the light.

A treble clef is a significant symbol in the world of music notation. Representing musical notes above middle C, it is a visual representation of the pitch and tonality of music. Musicians and music enthusiasts alike appreciate the treble clef as a jewellery design because it serves as a stylish reminder of their passion and connection to the world of music. It allows them to proudly display their love for music in a subtle and fashionable way.

In addition to their exquisite design and meaningful symbolism, these earrings are also rhodium plated over the Sterling Silver base. This plating process involves applying a thin layer of rhodium, a precious metal from the platinum family, onto the base. Rhodium plating offers several advantages, including enhanced durability and resistance to tarnish. By providing a protective barrier, the rhodium plating helps to maintain the earrings’ shine and prevents the natural process of oxidation, ensuring they remain beautiful and long-lasting.

These sterling silver earrings, featuring a guitar and treble clef design, are the perfect gift for your favorite rock star or aspiring musician. Their understated elegance, combined with the durability of rhodium plating, makes them a cherished accessory for music lovers.


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