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925 Sterling Silver Ring with Central Rainbow Moonstone

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  • Pretty rainbow moonstone ring
  • Teardrop decoration
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Size: US 6/UK L 1/2
  • Ring 1.11cm at widest point

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This lovely eye-catching ring features a central rainbow moonstone on a Sterling Silver band and a little teardrop embellishment above the stone.

Rainbow moonstone is a captivating variety of feldspar that displays a mesmerizing iridescence reminiscent of a rainbow. It is characterized by a milky white body color with flashes of blue, purple, and other spectral hues that dance across its surface. This gemstone is cherished not only for its unique beauty but also for its association with balance, harmony, and the unlocking of one’s inner potential. Whether adorning jewellery or used in spiritual practices, rainbow moonstone exudes a mystical allure that captivates the senses.

The little teardrop decoration draws the eye to the beautiful stone. Please note that rainbow moonstone is a natural material and therefore the stones are completely unique from ring to ring.


US Size: 6
Italy Size: 11.75
Japan Size: 11
UK Size: L1/2

Max height of the design: 1.11cm


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