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925 Sterling Silver Heart Adjustable Ring with Cubic Zirconia

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  • Pretty double heart design ring
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Set with sparkling clear Cubic Zirconia
  • Adjustable
  • Starting size US size 6 / UK L 1/2
  • Expand to US Size 9 / UK Size R 1/2
  • Approx 1cm at its widest

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This is a pretty ring in 925 Sterling Silver featuring two hearts, one larger and one smaller, set with sparkling clear Cubic Zirconia. The split design means that the ring is adjustable from US size 6 / UK L 1/2 to US Size 9 / UK Size R 1/2, so this lovely ring will fit most.

It is just over 1cm at its widest, and the hearts sit on a slim band.

Heart designs have long been a popular choice for rings, symbolizing love, affection, and romance. The use of heart motifs in rings can be traced back centuries and continues to hold significant meaning for many people today.

The heart shape itself is instantly recognizable and universally associated with love and emotion. It represents the center of human emotions, the core of affection, and the essence of heartfelt connections. When incorporated into rings, the heart design serves as a tangible reminder of love and devotion.

Heart-shaped rings are often exchanged as tokens of affection, particularly in romantic relationships. They are commonly used as engagement rings, representing the commitment and deep love shared between two individuals. The circular band of the ring symbolizes eternity, while the heart-shaped centerpiece embodies the love that binds two people together.

Heart designs are not limited to romantic relationships alone. They can also be used to symbolize love and appreciation for family members, friends, and loved ones. Heart rings are often given as gifts to express gratitude, affection, and the bond shared between individuals.

Furthermore, heart-shaped rings can hold personal significance for the wearer. They can serve as a reminder of self-love and self-care, promoting a positive mindset and a nurturing attitude towards oneself. Heart designs can act as a symbol of self-compassion, reminding the wearer to prioritize their own well-being and emotional health.

Our lovely double heart ring is set with sparkling Cubic Zirconia stones, a popular gemstone often used in rings as a more affordable alternative to diamonds. It possesses a similar brilliance and clarity, making it an attractive option for those seeking a sparkling and eye-catching ring without the high cost.


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