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925 Sterling Silver Band Ring with Cubic Zirconia, 2 mm Wide


  • Weighing 1.2Gr. approx
  • 2mm band
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Sparkling Cubic Zirconia stones
  • Size: US 6/UK L 1/2

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A pretty, eye-catching ring weighing 1.2Gr. approx, featuring a 2mm band in 925 Sterling Silver set with sparkling Cubic Zirconia stones.

Cubic zirconia, a synthetic gemstone renowned for its brilliance and clarity, lends a captivating allure to ring designs. With its dazzling sparkle and vibrant presence, cubic zirconia brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any ring. Crafted with meticulous precision, these simulated gemstones emulate the beauty of diamonds, making them a popular and affordable choice for adding glamour and luxury to ring designs. Whether used as the centerpiece or as accent stones, cubic zirconia elevates the overall aesthetic, offering a brilliant alternative that captures the essence of exquisite beauty.

Having stones along the band (but not around the back), the design has the appearance of an eternity ring to all but the wearer. It captures the essence and aesthetic appeal of an eternity ring with its delicate stone accents along the band, creating a beautiful and symbolic piece of jewellery.

Rhodium plated over Sterling Silver, for durability.


US Size: 6
Italy Size: 11.75
Japan Size: 11
UK Size: L1/2


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