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925 Sterling Silver adjustable music note ring


  • Beautiful polished ring
  • Musical themed
  • Quaver design
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • US 6 / UK L1/2
  • Adjustable

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Introducing a lovely polished ring featuring a sleek musical note design. This adjustable ring is skillfully crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, creating a comfortable fit for various finger sizes. The clever split design of the ring cleverly combines the top and bottom elements to form a charming quaver, a distinctive type of music note.

This ring is a perfect choice for the music lover in your life, offering a stylish and meaningful accessory that celebrates their passion for music.

Size Information:

  • US 6
  • Italy 11.75
  • Japan 11
  • UK L1/2

This ring is e-coat plated, a specialized process that involves the application of a thin and even layer of lacquer over the surface of the jewellery using electric currents. Although barely noticeable, this e-coating serves a valuable purpose. While 925 sterling silver is composed of at least 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% alloy metals, the presence of these alloys can lead to tarnishing over time due to reactions with sulfur in the air and other environmental factors. The e-coating acts as an effective anti-tarnish layer, safeguarding the precious metal jewellery and protecting it from general wear and tear such as scuffs or scratches. With proper care, this durable coating can preserve the ring’s pristine condition for years, ensuring its longevity and helping your cherished piece endure.

Embrace the beauty and significance of music with this exquisite sterling silver ring, adorned with a musical note design. It is a timeless and thoughtful gift for anyone who holds a special place for music in their heart.


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