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925 Sterling Silver Oxidized Celtic Dragon Pendant


  • Beautiful 925 Sterling Silver pendant
  • Celtic dragon design
  • Polished finish with oxidised patternwork
  • Weighing approx 7.4g
  • Width: 2.7cm
  • Height: 3.97cm
  • Pendant only – see our silver chains


In stock


This is an absolutely beautiful piece of silver work, weighing around 7.4g so it is a substantial piece that with proper care, can be passed through the generations. It is a beautiful Celtic-style dragon with a polished finish and gorgeous oxidised knotwork.

Dragons hold a significant place in Celtic mythology and have been depicted in various forms of art, including jewellery, weaponry. stone carvings, manuscripts, tapestry and textiles, sculptures and statues. They feature heavily in folklore and legends, frequently associated with wisdom, power, and protection.

The Celtic knotwork on our dragon, also known as Celtic interlace, is a distinctive style of decorative artwork characterized by intricate, continuous lines that weave and overlap without a clear beginning or end. These knots are often used to symbolize interconnectedness and the eternal nature of life and love. Celtic knotwork can be found in a wide range of Celtic artifacts, including jewellery, metalwork and more.

The intricate patterns of Celtic knotwork often feature symmetrical designs that represent the interconnectedness of various aspects of life, such as nature, spirituality, and the cycle of life and death. These designs can be found in many forms, including spirals, key patterns, and animal motifs. The precise meanings of specific Celtic knotwork designs can vary, as they often carry personal or cultural significance.

In Celtic jewellery, dragon motifs are often combined with Celtic knotwork, resulting in unique and captivating designs. The dragon represents strength and protection, while the knotwork adds a sense of elegance and continuity to the overall design. The polished silver finish of the pendant further enhances its beauty and showcases the intricate details of the Celtic knotwork and dragon imagery.

Wearing a dragon pendant adorned with Celtic knotwork not only adds a touch of mythical charm to your style but also symbolizes the timeless qualities of wisdom, power, and interconnectedness found in Celtic culture and mythology. It is a statement piece that reflects both the rich history and the enduring allure of Celtic art.

We supply this as pendant only, allowing you to select the chain of your choice from our lovely silver chain collection. The pendant suits a range of chains but we do recommend going slightly on the thicker side (1.3mm or thicker) just to reflect the size and weight of the pendant. Having said that, our 1mm square snake chain also works well, having a heavier feel due to its style.

Width: 1 1/16 inches – 2.7cm

Height: 1 9/16 inches – 3.97cm


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