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Gold or rhodium plating

Find out why some of our Sterling Silver pieces are plated with gold or rhodium, and how to care for this type of jewellery.

Some of our pieces have gold or rhodium plating over the Sterling Silver.

Rhodium is hypoallergenic, lustrous and highly durable. It can prevent the silver oxidising when in contact with the air or skin, thereby reducing tarnish. It also makes the jewellery more resistant to scratches. Gold plating allows you to own beautiful gold jewellery without the associated price tag! Unlike cheap base metals, gold plated Sterling Silver keeps its shine and gilding for longer.

Both types of plating wear off over time but you can slow the process down by avoiding common causes such as chlorine, humidity, perspiration, salty air, cosmetics and household chemicals. Avoid wearing your jewellery in the swimming pool, ensure any creams/lotions/perfumes have dried before you put it on, keep it away from cleaning products and so on. When you’re not using your jewellery, store it away in a jewellery box or pouch.

In addition, avoid chemical cleaners – instead, clean plated silver jewellery with a very mild liquid soap, warm water and soft brushes/cloths.