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925 Sterling Silver ‘Aztec’ Jacket Earrings, with Cubic Zirconia


  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium plated for durability
  • Ear Jacket Earrings
  • Aztec-like design
  • Cubic Zirconia stones
  • Width: 1.98cm
  • Height: 1.27cm
  • Weighing 2.7Gr approx.

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925 Sterling Silver Jacket Earrings in an aztec-like design. One larger geometric Cubic Zirconia stone is attached to the post, mirrored by the 6 smaller geometric shapes on a curve underneath. This curve is slotted onto the back of the ear post, behind the lobe – and you will notice there are multiple positions (3) possible to suit your piercing. Each ear jacket then has a further 5 small Cubic Zirconia stones set in between the shapes to catch the light and sparkle.

The geometric elements found in these Aztec-inspired earrings create a visually striking impact, adding a touch of ancient allure and cultural significance to any outfit. The meticulous attention to detail and symbolic patterns often seen in Aztec jewellery design make these earrings a statement piece that reflects the rich heritage and artistic traditions of the Aztec civilization.

Courtney models these sparkling earrings with our double CZ stud earrings.

Width: 25/32 inches – 1.98cm

Height: 1/2 inches – 1.27cm

Weighing 2.7Gr approx.

Rhodium plated for durability.


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