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925 Sterling silver lotus ear cuff


  • 925 sterling silver ear cuff
  • Lotus flower design
  • No piercing necessary
  • 1.19cm diameter approx
  • 0.48cm height approx

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Introducing our beautiful 925 sterling silver ear cuff with a stunning lotus flower design, a perfect addition to your jewellery collection. Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, this ear cuff is a versatile and unique accessory that requires no piercing, making it perfect for anyone who wants to add some style to their look without committing to a new piercing.

The lotus flower has long been a popular symbol in jewellery design, representing purity, enlightenment, and new beginnings. Our ear cuff features an intricate lotus flower design that beautifully captures the delicate petals and graceful curves of this meaningful symbol. The use of the lotus flower in jewellery design not only adds an element of beauty but also carries a deeper meaning and symbolism that adds a layer of depth to the overall design.

With a diameter of approximately 1.19cm and a height of approximately 0.48cm, this ear cuff is easy to wear and comfortable on the ear. The lotus flower design is delicate and intricate, making it a standout accessory that will complement any outfit.

In addition to this beautiful ear cuff, we also offer matching lotus toe rings and earrings, allowing you to create a cohesive and stunning look that showcases your unique sense of style. Our lotus toe rings and earrings feature the same intricate design as our ear cuff, making them the perfect complement to this beautiful piece of jewellery.

In conclusion, our 925 sterling silver ear cuff with a lotus flower design is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery that will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your outfit. The intricate details, high-quality materials, and comfortable fit make it a standout accessory that will complement any style. So why wait? Add this gorgeous ear cuff to your collection today, and don’t forget to complete the look with our matching lotus toe rings and earrings!


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