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925 Sterling Silver Angel Wing Ear Climbers with CZ Simulated Diamonds


  • Ear climber
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Set with Cubic Zirconia
  • Angel wing design
  • Sold individually
  • Approx 1.25g
  • 7.94mm x 23.8mm

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Introducing our eye-catching Angel Wing Ear Climber, a substantial piece that effortlessly captures attention. Weighing approximately 1.25g, this ear climber showcases a stunning openwork angel design adorned with a multitude of sparkling cubic zirconia stones.

Ear climbers, like our Angel Wing Ear Climber, are a fabulous way to make a stylish statement. Unlike traditional earrings, ear climbers elegantly climb up the earlobe, creating a captivating and dynamic look. They offer a unique and modern twist to your jewellery collection, allowing you to showcase your individuality and fashion-forward sense of style.

The openwork design of our Angel Wing Ear Climber adds a touch of intricacy and allure. It features delicate cut-out patterns, allowing light to playfully dance through the piece. This technique creates an ethereal and airy aesthetic, enhancing the overall beauty of the ear climber.

Adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia stones, our Angel Wing Ear Climber exudes a mesmerizing brilliance reminiscent of genuine diamonds. Cubic zirconia is a popular alternative to traditional gemstones, offering exceptional clarity and a radiant sparkle that beautifully complements the sterling silver setting.

Angels have long been symbols of guidance, protection, and spirituality. Incorporating angel motifs into jewellery allows for a meaningful and personal connection to these celestial beings. Our Angel Wing Ear Climber captures the essence of angelic grace, serving as a reminder of divine presence and inner strength.

Indulge in the celestial beauty and elegance of our Angel Wing Ear Climber. Its substantial weight, dazzling cubic zirconia stones, and intricate openwork design make it a standout piece for both everyday wear and special occasions. Elevate your style, embrace your spirituality, and celebrate the captivating allure of angels with this remarkable piece of jewellery.

Please note that this product is sold individually, allowing you the flexibility to wear it on its own or mix and match with other earrings. Enhance your collection with our Angel Wing Ear Climber, and let your style soar to new heights.

Please note: These ear pins are fairly wide as you can see from the gallery photo. Whilst you can adjust our ear pins by gently squeezing the pin towards the front piece, this design may not be suitable for people with thin lobes.


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