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What are ear jacket earrings?

Ear jacket earrings are a fairly new style of earring that has been gaining popularity in recent years. There are different types of ear jackets: some have a fairly substantial piece at both the front and the back, and others are more dangly with a very similar look to pull-through earrings, once they’re in your ear.

Dangly ear jacket earrings

For this type, maybe the best place to start is to explain what a pull-through earring is!

Pull through earrings have a decoration on the front (such as a star), a length of chain and a post. You thread the post into your ear and gently pull until the decoration sits on your earlobe. For example:

Sterling silver star threader earrings with twisted post

Above: our star pull through earrings have a short chain and a slightly twisted post. The post is threaded through the piercing, then the earring is pulled gently through until the star sits against the lobe.

The great majority of people can wear silver threader earrings and pull-through earrings with no issues at all. The chains are fine and the Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic so it causes no irritation.

However, a few people do steer clear of threaders and pull-through earrings, either because their ears are very sensitive, or because they simply don’t like the idea of pulling through a chain!

Enter – ear jacket earrings!

This type of earring incorporates three pieces, as you can see in the featured image at the top of this post:

  1. A front decoration attached to an ear post
  2. A chain that threads onto the back of the post behind the ear, and
  3. An earring back that secures the earring in place.

The look of ear jacket earrings is exactly the same as for pull through earrings but you don’t have to pull a chain through your ear!

Sterling silver cross ear jacket earrings

Above: Cross and bar ear jacket earrings

Of course, these earrings aren’t exclusively for those who are nervous of pull-through or threader earrings! We have a growing number of designs that will appeal to anyone who appreciates the elegance and versatility of this style.

@mythandsilver Ear jacket earrings have 3 pieces: the front decoration attached to the post, the hanging chain, and the earring back. The effect is similar to pull-through earrings. Here’s how they work! #earjacket #earjacketearrings ♬ original sound – Myth & Silver

Celeb ear jackets

The other type of ear jacket earrings are more substantial – and these have made their way onto the red carpet lately with Rihanna, Diane Kruger, Kate Mara, Daya, Lilly Singh, Bella Thorne, Nikki Reed and Jessica Alba all rocking this look.

CZ multi stone ear jackets

The principle is the same – there is a front piece, a second back piece that slots onto the ear post behind the ear lobe, and an earring back to secure everything in place.

Ear jacket earring showing the two pieces

These ear jackets look far different to the dangly style though, with a statement piece that shows just below the curve of the lobe behind the ear. They offer a really original and unique look that can’t be achieved with a regular earring. You can see our ear jacket earrings here – we’ve only just introduced the ‘statement’ style into our range so bear with us as we add our new stock to the website!

Ear jacket earrings

Above: These chunky CZ ear jacket earrings are reminiscent of celeb favourites and will be in stock soon.

How to wear ear jacket earrings

Sterling silver cross ear jacket earrings

Above: Courtney wears our bar and cross ear jacket earrings which feature a polished silver cross with a fine cable chain and bar design. These are paired with 
 our cute double CZ ear studs, which can be worn upright or sideways.

Ear jacket earrings are versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. They can be dressed up for a formal occasion or dressed down for a more casual look. They are certainly more interesting than regular earrings – great news for those with single lobe piercings who want a more eye-catching look. They can also be worn alongside other piercings to create your own unique ear stack.

The front decoration of an ear jacket earring can vary widely, from simple stud and shapes to elaborate designs with multiple stones or beads. The chain that threads onto the back of the post can also be simple or more complex, short or shoulder-dusting, with some ear jacket earrings featuring multiple chains or even tassels.

Subtle and feminine ear jackets – achieve a seductive and feminine look with subtle and stylish ear jackets that can be paired with elegant outfits. Try pairing them with an all-black outfit and high heels for a sophisticated style.

Bold, edgy or geometric ear jackets – perfect for special events, parties or simply looking classy, they add flair to even the simplest and monochrome outfits.

Ear jacket earrings also come in a variety of materials, from simple Sterling Silver designs to more elaborate pieces made with precious stones or pearls. This means that there is an ear jacket earring out there for every style and budget. However, we always recommend that you choose Sterling Silver or Gold as the metal for your earrings, as this makes them more durable and reduces the risk of irritation.

No matter what your personal style is, ear jackets are a versatile and elegant accessory that can elevate any outfit.

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